Welcome to Kent State International Mentors!

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What is KSIM? Watch to learn more.

Kent State International Mentors is a student organization dedicated to building relationships between U.S. students and international students. We build relationships by having conversation partners, bi-weekly meetings, and group activities and events.

What are the benefits of joining? 
*Meet American students to learn more about American culture, the English language, and more!
*Meet other international students from around the world 
*Participate in activities to get the full American college experience 
*Receive opportunities to travel and see new places 
*KSIM is your family away from home. 

**All members receive a KSIM t-shirt and membership card**

How Can I Join KSIM?
Questions can be emailed to kentstateinternationalmentors@gmail.com 

All KSIM meetings are in the Williamson Alumni Center

Directions to Williamson Alumni Center

Photo of Williamson Alumni Center

Welcome to all new students! 

We hope to see you at our next meeting!