Welcome to Kent State International Mentors!

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What is KSIM? Watch to learn more.

Kent State International Mentors is a student organization dedicated to building relationships between U.S. students and international students. We build relationships by having conversation partners, bi-weekly meetings, and group activities and events.

What are the benefits of joining? 
*Meet American students to learn more about American culture, the English language, and more!
*Meet other international students from around the world 
*Participate in activities to get the full American college experience 
*Receive opportunities to travel and see new places 
*KSIM is your family away from home. 

**All members receive a KSIM t-shirt and membership card**

How Can I Join KSIM?
We will open our application again in August 2016. 
Questions can be emailed to kentstateinternationalmentors@gmail.com 

Welcome to all new students! 

We hope to see you at our next meeting!